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Ice Skating And A Day We Will Never Forget.

This post came up on my Facebook Memories today. Apparently is was from 3 years ago, so July 2017. The memories and emotions that come with this day and seeing these pictures again are so fresh in my mind and make me so happy, that its too good not to share again.

The day itself seems like a lot longer than three years ago and although the memories still make me smile (and get a little teary), it also makes me sad at the realisation that there a so few family memories like this in the 36 months since. None that spring to mind in fact.

One thing most families like ours will always bemoan is the inability to be "normal", to do normal shit, to blend in with "The Normals", to be unseen and unheard, to simply function in the most basic of family activities. And yet that is probably the single thing that I find most "Normals" understand about us, and families like us, the least.

We just so desperately want nothing more than to experience normal. Nothing flash or exciting or involving expense or extravagant entertainment, but a picnic, a trip to the movies, a play in a park with other children, attending a birthday party or BBQ. Just your bog standard, every day normal shit.

11th July 2017

So today we went Ice Skating courtesy of The Variety Club. The rink was closed for an hour for families of disabled kids. Normally we never even attempt stuff like this as its just not doable with Alices behaviour and anxieties. It just results in George been disappointed as we return home early with someone (usually me) in tears and once again we all feel defeated and deflated at just how far out of our reach normal stuff is.

Today was different. With Alice on her new regime she was in a great mood so that alone was a win. But not only did both kids have the most amazing time and neither me nor Greg broke a bone or humiliated ourselves but a guy called Olly approached me on the ice and asked if Alice would like to go for a "spin"? Having spent 6 years keeping this girl alive, I half wanted to say no, but Alice beamed at him so I handed her over like I was cutting off an arm. Turns out Olly is a figure skater and wasn't remotely interested in what Alice couldn't do or might be anxious about, so he sped off at lightening speed and then proceeded to spin her wheelchair not just around but up off the ground. I mean full big undulating spins like you see in an ice show. Alice was screaming with delight and giggling and clapping. I can honestly say I dont think I've ever seen her so free and happy. She was the centre of attention (and not for the normal reasons) and she was in heaven. I watched from the sidelines and I cried and cried and cried. Stuff like this still creeps up and bites me on the arse when I least expect it but what a thing to see. Alice got her princess moment and we got a family day with no meltdowns, no dramas, no medical emergencies and George got a straight forward day out that "Normals" get to do every weekend of their lives and never even realise just how precious it is.

And if anyone knows Olly tell him Im sorry for hugging him and sobbing.

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